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Bad Luck Is Not So Bad

February 15, 2010

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Before we really start discussing New York Fashion Week, I want to share a few food-related adventures. I had planned on going to the La Street Food Fest on Saturday but when we (Kyle and I) arrived, there were easily 1,000+ people waiting in line, snaking around LA Center Studios for blocks and blocks. When we asked a food fest worker how long the wait would be, he told us they were at capacity and could not let anyone in until people started leaving. Translation: Sucks for you. Did I mention it was 81 degrees in Los Angeles? I was beyond peeved. But I could only blame myself, I should’ve gotten there earlier!

So Kyle and I (naturally) walked over to the 500 Days Of Summer “bench” at the corner of 4th Street and Olive a few blocks down. Oh you know, the bench where Tom draws the Los Angeles skyline on Summer’s arm. Sigh. But of course as we sat on the bench (surrounded by bums no less, where are they in the movie?), we saw no such skyline. Instead, a lovely view of a fading brick building. The power of the Hollywood film! Peeved once more.

By this time, Kyle and I were starved so when he spotted a group of people chowing down on tacos at the next bench over, he asked them where they found such a delicious-looking meal. “Grand Central Market” they said and pointed across the street. So we went…and boy, I’m glad we did.

{a bustling market with booth after booth of delicious authentic food}

{Fruit and vegetable stands as well}

{Drinking watermelon juice – the most refreshing drink!}

{There was a line snaking around the corner for Ana Maria’s Mexican Food so we had to eat there}

{Torta de pollo}

{I feel like Anthony Bourdain}


{Beautiful colors all throughout the market}

And that’s Grand Central Market – right in the heart of downtown LA. I guess bad luck isn’t always so bad.