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[Around LA]

November 2, 2011

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I’ve been wanting to start a new feature (column?) on the blog for awhile now about some of my favorite places in Los Angeles.  I have lots o’ favorite things to do, eat, and see (mostly eat), but there are also so many places I have yet to explore, so that will be fun to share as well!  I’ll be posting these faves randomly and have started a new category for “Around LA” so they’ll all be in one place.

*This photo I took of Griffith Observatory is from December 2010.  In the dead of winter!  In general, Griffith Park is one of my absolute favorite places because the views are incredible and the greenery is so peaceful, but on this particular day, the visibility from the observatory was so clear that we had 100% visibility of the entire city, from the ocean to the west and the downtown skyline to the south (and everything in between).  Breathtakingly gorgeous, let me tell you.

More to come!