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Meal Ideas

March 1, 2012

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Whenever I’m in a cooking rut (which seems to be happening a lot lately), I turn to Pinterest in search of new ideas.  Now I don’t mind eating turkey meatloaf every week (this really happens but OMG you guys, my turkey meatloaf is really delish), but sometimes it’s nice to incorporate a few new options into the mix.  Here are some ideas I can’t wait to try:

  1. Grilled cheese and tomato soup
  2. Lentil meatballs
  3. Lasagna cups
  4. Shrimp & roasted tomatoes fettucini
  5. Chicken & broccoli stir fry
  6. Skillet rosemary chicken
  7. Mexican corn soup
  8. Mini vegetarian pizzas

*PS – there are even more ideas on my food pinterest board!

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Friday Love List

January 6, 2012


friday love list

COOL.  I have the flu.  Which is especially awesome since I had a flu shot.  And even more awesome because we have a HUGE event at work coming up.  I’ve always had really great timing!  But we’re not throwing ourselves a pity party over here.  No way, sir.  We’re going to power through it and talk about our favorite things this week!

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