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Portland Photo Diary: Part I

September 29, 2011

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I thought I’d be able to make just one post on Portland and be satisfied but clearly we’re being a little self-indulgent over here because I have quite a few more photos to post after this one.  Just call me an over-sharer.  Anyway, so Portland is kind of amazing.  Especially when the sun is shining and the sky’s a bright blue and bloody marys are being served to you.  No but seriously, it’s such a lovely city!  The transportation system is easy, the buildings are old and ornate, the streets run alphabetical (no but for serious), people still do tricks with yo-yos, and the food is absolutely incomparable.

After we arrived in Portland, we had dinner at Gruner, a German-inspired restaurant with all of my favorite things, like pretzel bread and deviled eggs.  The meal was perfection in every way.

The next day, we had brunch at Tasty & Sons (a MUST GO if you’re in Portland) and filled ourselves with real healthy things like biscuits and fried chicken.  We also shopped at Ink & Peat, Larkpress, Collage, and Townshend Teas.

Later in the afternoon, we walked around downtown and shopped at Alder & Co (my new favorite place), Canoe, Frances May (an AMAZING women’s/men’s store!!), Tanner Goods, and Blackbird.  Portland has REALLY GOOD shopping!  Who knew!

We stopped for a snack at Lovejoy Bakers and walked around the Pearl District – my favorite district by far.  It’s so cute and has street names like “Lovejoy” – how could you not dig this area?

We had dinner at Clyde Common that night (next door to our hotel) – was too busy stuffing my face to take photos though.  I just realized that I’m giving you a literal play-by-play of my trip.  Is this TMI?  Yeah, probably.

More on Monday where I’ll dive into the glories of Stumptown coffee and the breathtaking Portland Farmer’s Market.  Tomorrow is Friday Love List of course!