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Happy Kitchen

June 28, 2011

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Right now, my kitchen is smiling from ear to ear.  She’s so happy to have 2 new friends to hang out with everyday, especially one that smells real nice and another that makes her lots of yummy desserts:

Peonies: I found these beauties at Trader Joe’s and they are just about perfect.  Besides the fact that they’re gorgeous (and pink), peonies are one of the most alluring flowers because they’re only available for like 5 minutes.  So whenever they’re at TJ’s (i.e. for like 2 weeks out of the year), I scoop up as many as I can!

KitchenAid Stand Mixer: My brother recently bought me this pistachio-colored stand mixer and I about died when he did!  It was my housewarming gift from him – what a good brother!!  He even knew my favorite color.  I guess now I have to make him all of his favorite desserts!

Two Ways: Mint Green + Pale Peach

April 2, 2011


mint green and peach

Right now, I’m absolutely smitten with pastel-centric color palettes, especially the combination of minty greens and pale peaches.  Besides the fact that it sounds like a yummy dessert/snack (sliced peaches & mint tea? no? am I the only one that has food on my mind constantly?), this color combination is feminine and sweet and quintessentially spring.

So pretty much, I wish I was wearing a pleated mint green skirt and peach blouse while filling my mint green and peach Ikea storage boxes with awesome coffee table books and knick knacks.

[Images via Pinterest via Elle.com and Ikea]