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East Coasting

April 22, 2013

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new york city /  the style eater

I’m convinced that NYC’s spring is the best kind of spring. Ok I’m sure Washington DC would argue that their cherry blossoms automatically put them in first place, but New York sure comes close! Also, I’m used to seasonless Los Angeles so maybe every other place besides Southern CA has an equally beautiful transition into warmer weather? Either way, I’ve taken about a hundred photos of blooming trees over the last few days in NYC so beware of those kind of pics for the next 20 days or so.

Posting has been light around here and since I’m heading up to Montreal today, it might continue to be light for a few more days. But I’m updating my Instagram pretty much all day long so come find me there! –> @thestyleeater

Happy Spring!


April 15, 2013

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+ I’m a notorious over-packer when I go on trips. NOTORIOUS, I tell you. Also, I usually pack at the very last minute. We’re talking 3am the night before an 8am flight. But I have a 9-day trip coming up in a few days and shockingly, I’ve already laid out everything I want to bring and it’s not that much. Is this what growing up feels like?

+ This weekend was for hanging out in sweatpants and watching the live stream of Coachella. The best kind of weekends, am I right?

+ In January, I got a brand new iMac and it’s now DEAD. Wtf, Apple? Thanking my lucky stars we got the warranty, otherwise I guess we’d be SOL?

+ Anyone have any last minute recs for Montreal? I’ve gotten some amazing recs so far (thank you!), but would love to know if there are any places I MUST go/see/eat/shop?

Happy mid-April! (WHAT?)