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April 30, 2013

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I’ve been totally off the blogging grid for the past week and for good reason! The wifi situation in Montreal was MEH so I couldn’t do much computing while I was on vacation. But the good news is that everything else about Montreal (and New York and Connecticut!) was downright amazing. We ate nonstop for 9 straight days and only stopped to take photos of pretty buildings. The weather was freezing (for me, anything below 60 degrees is borderline ridiculous) but we managed pretty well and luckily had no rain.

But we’re home now and I have SO MANY photos and stories to share, including all of the fun places we ate and shopped. I’m still trying to sort through my photos (ooh all 1,500 of them?) so it may take me a bit to get them posted but they’ll be up soon! I’ll start with posts on New York, then Connecticut, and then finish with Montreal. So come back for LOTS of travel photos and recaps!