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October 7, 2014

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Olive trees. That was my only request in finding a wedding venue. It must have olive trees. I just love them so much – the texture. the jade green, two-toned leaves. the spindly trunks and branches. the way it reflects light in photos, so serenely and pure. Olive trees, I tell ya. Making all my wedding dreams come true since 2014. Now, everywhere we go, I insist on taking pics of all the olive trees within a 20 mile radius. But we need more pics, I always say. Just to see how they look in the 4pm light. And then the 4:30pm light, then the 5pm light. Always in search of that golden glow. Even in our swimsuits and beach coverups, no shame here.

Anyway, what’s been going on? Aside from my daily hunt for olive trees, I’m going to take a page out of my friend Ann-Marie’s handbook with a little update about what’s been keeping me busy as of late:

Reading: Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl and The California Sunday Magazine. Loving both so far. On the topic of Lena, watching these videos made me so happy.

Watching: The new TV series, Transparent, on Amazon. I highly recommend binge-watching the whole season in one night (or two). Here’s the trailer.

Planning: Well…I’m trying to plan the wedding, but the key word here is trying. That shit’s been hard. Luckily I have a good idea of what I want visually, I just need to execute it. But that’s the hard part, am I right?

Wanting: Everlane loafers, long cardigans, the new Glossier products, and some cooler fall weather please.

Feeling: Like I want to chop my hair off again. Who needs all that hair anyway?

Craving: A date shake. We bought fancy Medjool dates at the Ojai Valley farmer’s market and I can’t wait to blend those babies up. Dates + bananas + almond milk + cinnamon.

Loving: Everything by Small Spells (especially the moon cups), this eye print in Kristen’s house, and my new Olio e Sasso lip balm (also here).

Missing: Our weekend trip to Ojai. Talk about a magical couple of days. Hot as hell, yes, but that place is so beautiful, I can’t handle it.