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Dream Combo: Gamine Girl

September 8, 2010

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Boots and over-the-knee socks

I love combining the ultra-feminine with the ultra-masculine and what better way to showcase this love than in my “Dream Combo” series (oh did I mention I’m sharing my dream combos on the regular?).

These Madewell Aberdeen Two-Toned Boots are like Wall Street meets sexy British rocker (swoon).   Sophisticated yet totally cool.  Menswear at it’s finest.  On the other hand, these Madewell Over-the-Knee socks exude that girly, school uniform vibe that’s become an essential fall trend this year (hello pleated skirts and button-up blouses).

Together, the two are the definition of gamine – a girl with boyish charm.  Ahh, I love! I would pair them with fitted wool shorts and a loose-fitting blouse.  Maybe even a belted shirtdress.  Heart you, Madewell.

[Images via Madewell]

Over-the-Knee Socks

December 10, 2009

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Right now, I’m loving over-the-knee socks. Some call them thigh-highs but “thigh-highs” sort of have a dirty rep so I just stick to “over-the-knee.” We keep it PG on this blog (sometimes). Anyways, I love them!

Over-the-knee socks are a perfect alternative if you’re burned out on tights. They work well with skirts, shorts, and even dresses. But trust me, you do not want to wear these socks with a super-tight, rear-revealing skirt or dress because you will be teetering into the hooker category. Keep it classy, my friends. Because, when done right, these over-the-knee socks can be really classy and cute (see the photo above from J.Crew). They are like the younger, more fun sister of hosiery. And trust me, you will have fun wearing them.

These over-the-knee socks are also a perfect day-to-night accessory. You can wear them in the office paired with a wool skirt and button-up blouse and when it’s time to go out for drinks, all you need to do is throw on a ruffle skirt and boyfriend blazer and you are ready to hit the town. I always love a versatile sock!

[Image via J.Crew]