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April 15, 2013

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+ I’m a notorious over-packer when I go on trips. NOTORIOUS, I tell you. Also, I usually pack at the very last minute. We’re talking 3am the night before an 8am flight. But I have a 9-day trip coming up in a few days and shockingly, I’ve already laid out everything I want to bring and it’s not that much. Is this what growing up feels like?

+ This weekend was for hanging out in sweatpants and watching the live stream of Coachella. The best kind of weekends, am I right?

+ In January, I got a brand new iMac and it’s now DEAD. Wtf, Apple? Thanking my lucky stars we got the warranty, otherwise I guess we’d be SOL?

+ Anyone have any last minute recs for Montreal? I’ve gotten some amazing recs so far (thank you!), but would love to know if there are any places I MUST go/see/eat/shop?

Happy mid-April! (WHAT?)