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Gift Guide: For The Man Friend

December 8, 2010

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Gift Guide for Boyfriend

Finding gifts for men is the hardest undertaking ever.  It doesn’t matter if the gift is for your boyfriend, your lover, (your lover on the side?), your friend, your brother, your pops – MEN ARE DIFFICULT.  So instead of compiling a list of gift ideas for them, I asked my own boyfriend to create a gift guide for me.  What a sweets!

Kyle (my bf) was quite thrilled to make this list, mostly because he was trying to drop me hints of what he wants, but also because he’s very well-versed in man products.  He keeps up-to-date on the blogs, always seems to find neat online shops, and has a better wardrobe than me (sadly).  So here is a list of gift ideas for your man friend, curated by my man friend:

  1. Gitman Brothers Vintage Brush Cotton BD Shirt, Roden Gray, $178
  2. Oliver Spencer Fine Stripe Scarf, Rooney, $120
  3. Wings + Horns Ventile Cotton Down Vest, Roden Gray, $330
  4. Handmade Necktie, Is/Was Projects, $100
  5. Standard Belt, Tanner Goods, $84
  6. Original Briefcase, Filson, $210
  7. Horizon Two Wallet, Makr Carry Goods, $84
  8. Pendleton Glove with Leather Palm Back, Blackbird Ballad, $50
  9. Jose Parla Slider Case for iPhone 4, Arkitip, $49.95
  10. “Tabac” Natural Aftershave Splash, Portland General Store, $12