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July 11, 2011


So we may not have made it out to Silverlake this weekend and Kyle may have slept the entire day on Saturday (men), but we ended up having a very successful weekend.

Here’s why…

We got a bunch of new art frames for our soon-to-be gallery wall.  The empty, white space above the couch in the living room is just begging for some color and we can’t wait to showcase our hodge podge collection of art:
gallery wall

I picked up this starry pillow on sale at West Elm for $14.  It really spruces up our all-white (and wrinkly) bed:
west elm pillow

We booked a trip to Portland.  We’ll be heading there in September for lots of good food, some exploring, and (lucky for us!!) a Bon Iver concert:
ace hotel portland

This has nothing to do with progress but I made a yummy pasta last night, complete with zucchini, grape tomatoes, olive tapenade, and feta cheese.  Ain’t it purty!:
zucchini pasta