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Photo Challenge: Days 8-14

August 22, 2011

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This is what I’ve decided: I love productive weekends.  All of the art is now up on the walls (okay, almost all of it).  My dining table is now home to some brand new placemats and pretty candle holders.  I tested out a new-to-me pizza bar in Santa Monica (order the mushroom pizza if you decide to go…total nomsss).  And most importantly,  I caught up on my 30-day photo challenge (days 15-22 will be coming shortly, so I lied, not totes caught up).

Here are days 8 through 14 (and a recap of days 1-7 for kicks):

30-day photo challenge

Day 8 [technology]: Watching some Adele videos on my google TV.

Day 9 [faceless self-portrait]: I’m really bad at lying even though I lied 30 seconds ago about catching up on my photo challenge so I’m just going to come out and say it…this is an old photo.  I did not take this pic on August 9.  I’m a cheater.

Day 10 [something i made]: Salmon and roasted asparagus.

Day 11 [something fun]: 2 of my best friends.  They are fun.

Day 12 [close-up]: A close up of one of my other best friends: red sangria

Day 13 [from a distance]: I may or may not have already shared this photo and I may or may not have taken this pic on August 15.  I fail at this photo challenge.

Day 14 [flowers]: Hydrangeas from my parents’ yard.