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Need Immediately: Red Pants

February 18, 2011

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red pants outfit

I’m usually not a colorful person.  I stick to neutrals like you wouldn’t believe.  But all of sudden, I’m craving red pants.  What’s the deal here?  It might be because the color red has been popping up repeatedly all over New York Fashion Week.  Or maybe because it was just Valentine’s Day and heart motifs are aplenty.  Was it quite possibly the red velvet bundt cake I tested the other day that sent me into a world of chocolately red dye bliss???

I NEED RED PANTS!  I swear, red pairs well with every color on the planet: navy, olive green, camel, cream, orange, leopard (yes, leopard is a color), royal blue.  I could probably go through the entire color spectrum but instead, I want to show you an outfit that I wish I was currently wearing.

Of course, I would start with these Zara red cropped pants.  Then I would add a touch of silk with a J.Crew navy blouse (lusted after here in olive just days ago).  Red + navy = get used to it my friends because you will be seeing LOTS of it in the coming months!  Over the silk blouse, I would wear this slouchy Topshop sweater.  Extra geek chic points for the blouse collar peeking out of the sweater neckline.  And then I would add a chunky gold Madewell necklace for pizazz, bright red Topshop lipstick for even MORE pizazz, and a Madewell satchel because it’s probably the cutest thing ever.

On Repeat

February 2, 2011


In the month of January, I was living in, living on, and obsessing constantly over the following:

  1. I wore this gold Dogeared necklace nearly every single day.  I never tire of a tiny charm.
  2. I love a good red nail and this Essie polish in limited addiction kept my hands company quite often in the last month.
  3. I (virtually) flipped through Rue Magazine’s Issue 3 at least a dozen times, if not more.  It’s packed full of inspiring visuals and amazing decor ideas.
  4. I placed this J.Crew silk blouse in my online shopping cart more times than I can count.  I can’t decide if I need it (read: I OBVIOUSLY NEED IT) so I will continue putting it in my cart until I make the decision.
  5. I drank green tea 2-3 times a day, though I wish it were in a cute Anthropologie mug.
  6. I listened to the new Cold War Kids album literally on repeat.  One of my favorite songs is Mine is Yours.
  7. This Clinique Almost Lipstick was my go-to color of choice for whenever I ventured out of the house.

[Images via dogeared, essie, rue magazine, j.crew, anthropologie, sephora]

The Silk Blouse

June 7, 2010

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Equipment Signature Washed Silk Blouse, Shopbop, $178

Do you ever have an inkling, a craving, a desire for an item of clothing that you can’t find anywhere yet you can picture it’s glory and perfection in your head?  So close but yet so far?  Well it happens to me about once a month.

Whether I first see it in an editorial, a blog, or on the back of a super cool hipster, there’s always something that I have to have that’s nowhere to be found.  Last year I remember searching endlessly for a light-washed chambray shirt.  Perfectly worn-in, perfectly oversized.  NOWHERE.  But alas, I was able to find what I wanted.  Of course, the minute I found it, the chambray shirt showed up in every store (and I got 2 more in different shades).  Such is life.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I had the same sentiment about the silk blouse.  An oversized, buttoned silk blouse.  Easy enough, right?  NO!  Note to self: googling “silk blouse” is the worst idea ever.  I found nothing, I sulked, I saw more and more street style blogs with silk shirts, I cried (inside).

Then one day, one of my favorites, WHO WHAT WEAR (love you Katherine and Hillary), posted the most glorious thing: the perfect silk shirt.  It’s like they read my mind and/or answered my fashion prayers.  The blouse, above left, is exactly what I pictured in my mind.

It’s a little bit menswear, a little bit boho chic, a little bit Parisian…with a dash of Mary-Kate.  I’ll take one in every color?

[Images via Shopbop]