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It’s April

April 2, 2012

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gold bobby pins

UGH I didn’t win the lottery.  I was really banking on it.  My office pool had 200+ tickets so I figured my odds were pretty good, eh??  Just kidding but seriously, that would have been crazy.  What does one do with $640 million?

Anyway, here’s what’s been going on lately…
I have a new obsession with gold bobby pins (in the photo above) and my hair obviously starts getting quite frizzy in the springtime.

We made homemade eggs benedict BUT didn’t have any milk so we used vanilla soy milk for the hollandaise sauce.  It was weird but still pretty decent:

eggs benedict

Concocted this lemon, vanilla, rosemary home deodorizer that I spotted on Pinterest recently.  It smelled lovely:

Grabbed this mini blueberry pie at simplethings sandwich & pie shop for Kyle and I to devour during Game of Thrones:

simplethings pie

And here are a few instagrams from the last few days as well (@thestyleeater):

thestyleeater instagram

1/ my typical weekend comfy clothes
2/ a date at umami burger with cheesy tots (i usually order the original umami burger but with a portobello mushroom instead of a meat patty)
3/ an even smaller pie (this one is pumpkin) from simplethings
4/ more gold bobby pins and a new revlon lip color

PS – I have lots of new posts this week!  I know, SHOCKER.  So come back and visit for a new recipe, a fun craft project, and a semi outfit post.