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Soho Park

April 8, 2010

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Whenever I travel to New York City, I make sure to block out an entire day for shopping in SoHo.  I just love the stores in this part of the city.  Of course there’s Topshop (which can take an entire day in itself), but there’s also Uniqlo, Madewell, J. Crew Women’s, Acne, A.P.C, Opening Ceremony, I could go on forever but since this is a food-related post, I will digress….

After a morning of excessive damage to the AmEx, the best place to sit down, sort through purchases, and have a delicious lunch is undoubtedly SoHo Park on the corner of Prince and Lafayette.  They have an assortment of sandwiches, burgers, and dogs but the true shiners on the menu are the Belgian fries and Southern Fried Pickles.  Oh did I mention that this eatery is not for the faint of heart?  Literally, beware if you have high cholesterol.  But a little indulgence every now and then never hurts!

{SoHo Charred Chicken Sandwich}

{Smoked Turkey & Portobello Sandwich that I took several bites out of}

{Southern Fried Pickles}

{Hand-Cut Belgian Fries}

{Variety of dipping sauces, front to back: curried mayo, spicy sambal ketchup, basil mayo, black olive mayo, garlic aioli, and another basil mayo}