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okay, now I’m ready for fall

August 18, 2011

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steven alan fall 2011

Steven Alan is like my dream man (no offense, Kyle).  He always knows what I want!  In fact, he knows what I want before I even know.  That’s a keeper in my book.  My only qualm with Mr. Alan is that he’s kind of an expensive date.  But if he showed up to a date with this bracelet as gift, maybe I’d be more inclined to spend money on him (aka spend money on myself since I took this metaphor a little too far).

Anyway the whole point of this post is that I’m really into the Steven Alan fall 2011 lookbook.  It’s giving off a 90s vibe (which I love since I probably wore versions of all those outfits in the 3rd grade), yet at the same time, it seems totally polished and chic.  To take it one step further, it’s very Alexa Chung-y.  AKA all of my favorite things.

[Images via Steven Alan]