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Stirrup Leggings

January 5, 2010

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I don’t understand leggings. Every year I think they’ll go out of style, but it’s 2010 and everyone’s still wearing them. Including moi. I just can’t shake ’em. But I refuse to buy those really expensive leggings. You know the kind – the $150 leggings that are made out of the same material as the $6 Target ones. Why buy expensive ones when they’ll go out of style next year?? Am I right?

To get to my initial point, I’m really loving stirrup leggings. I’m sure I owned a dozen pairs in the mid-1990s. Who didn’t? It’s about time to bring them back again.

I found these stirrup leggings (pictured) on the Nordstrom website for $22. They’re a stretchy knit material and look totally comfortable. I really must have them. Good thing it’s almost my birthday.

[Image via Nordstrom]