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Three Things

August 15, 2011


three things

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Mine was super relaxing and fun – laid out by the pool, barbecued, celebrated my dad’s birthday, and saw the Glee 3D movie.  I would consider that a very successful weekend!  I also did a lot of internet browsing (as per usual) and came across 3 things that caught my eye:

  1. This Madewell look from their current “looks we love” is really speaking to me.  I love the casual look of the sweater matched with trousers.  So tomboy-ish and chic!
  2. Since Kyle and I are in the midst of planning a gallery wall in our living room (pics to come as soon as it’s finished!), we’ve been perusing a lot of design sites for inspiration.  This particular gallery wall is one of my favorites because even though it’s a hodge podge collection and randomly placed on the wall, it still looks polished and totally perfect.
  3. Pretty much anything that Sweet Paul does makes my heart skip a beat but I’m particularly loving these fava bean crostini.  How great would they be at a dinner party?

[Images via Madewell, Oh So Beautiful Paper, and Sweet Paul]