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Planning a Perfect Summer Fete

July 1, 2011


Whether you’re planning a red-white-and-blue Independence Day bash or a small barbecue with loved ones, everyone loves a good outdoor party during the summertime.  I’m in the process of planning a dinner party this weekend for family (part 4th of July, part birthday party) and thought I would share some of my ideas for concocting a fun and easy summer gathering:

target string lights

I found these festive string lights on sale at Target.  Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they add a bit of texture to your decor.  I plan on stringing mine above an outdoor table and lighting them up as soon as the sun goes down.

watermelon lemonade

Nothing is better than a few homemade elements at a summer fete.  It can be as simple as muddling fresh fruit into a carafe of sparkling water to concocting a peach sangria with lemon and orange slices.  If you’re doing nonalcoholic, opt for a fresh-squeezed lemonade mixed with different fruits.  Try it with a combination of watermelon and mint (recipe to come soon!).  If you’re doing alcoholic, definitely make a big bowl of sangria or mix it up with a spicy-flavored margarita, like this cucumber-jalapeno version.

h&m skirt

I just bough this H&M skirt a few days ago and can’t wait to wear it to my soiree.  It’s bright, flowy, and loose; the perfect combo for a hot summer evening!  If you’re hosting a party, always wear something comfortable (no ass-bearing mini skirts and 7-inch heels puuhhhleaseee) because you know you’ll be running around a lot.  Keep it simple and add elements of pizazz to your outfit through color instead.

fruit crisp

Fruit crisps can bake in the oven for up to an hour.  Keep that in mind when you’re hosting a party!  The best thing to do is assemble your fruit crisps earlier in the day and store them in the fridge.  Make sure you store your topping separate from the fruit.  About an hour before you want to serve your crisps, sneak away and put them in the oven.  As they bake, your guests will start to smell the cinnamon-y goodness!

As a general rule, the “crisp” part of the fruit crisp is made up of flour, oats, sugar, butter, a little bit of salt, and cinnamon (some recipes, of course, may be different).  Once you have that down, you can pair it with any combination of fruit!  Here are some of my favorite fruit combos to make into crisps:

  • strawberry & rhubarb
  • blueberry & nectarine
  • apple & pear
  • blackberry & raspberry

Ok now go have yourself a fun, festive, and homemade summer fete! I know I’m super excited for mine!!  Have a great weekend lovelies! xo