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May 15, 2013

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We spent a lot of time in Old Montreal because it’s just so dang beautiful and otherworldly. Also, our hotel and favorite lunch place were both there too, so that made it easy to just wander around those cobblestoned streets all day long. Note: riding the city’s bixi bikes on cobblestoned streets, on the other hand, is not easy. Things get real bumpy. Fair warning.

We didn’t have too many plans in Montreal so we were more than happy to explore the area and take a million photos of buildings. Besides endlessly wandering, we rode bikes along the water, visited the Museum of Contemporary Art, and did a little shopping. Oh! We also had the best meal of our lives on this particular night. There is a grainy photo from it below, with a chalkboard menu all in French (talk about living on the edge), and me looking a bit terrified for what’s about to happen. But just like I did with NYC and Brooklyn, I’ll share all our favorite eats and shops soon!


May 14, 2013

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So I thought I could cut down my photos from Montreal into one post and I was very wrong. VERY WRONG. Instead, there will be a few more, and consider this a fair warning. This was the first part of our Canadian adventure, where we tried to speak French (ca va?), still paid for everything in US dollars, and were lost 95% of the time (by the end of the week, we were sayin “eeh?” after every sentence like true Canadians). We explored the downtown area of Montreal, hiked through a wooded forest to the top of Mont Royal, strolled through the cobblestoned streets of old town, and shopped at Marche de Jean-Talon (a beautiful food market).

We walked about 8-9 miles a day in that vastly spread-out city and loved every minute of it. Of course, they have other amazing public transportation services that we used constantly as well, like their impeccably clean metro line and the bixi bikes lined up throughout the city. Everything about Montreal was accommodating and easy – you gotta love a city that looks out for its people. Speaking of the people! If Canadians aren’t the nicest humans on this planet, then I don’t know who is. LOVE THEM.

aaaaand a grainy selfie:


April 30, 2013

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I’ve been totally off the blogging grid for the past week and for good reason! The wifi situation in Montreal was MEH so I couldn’t do much computing while I was on vacation. But the good news is that everything else about Montreal (and New York and Connecticut!) was downright amazing. We ate nonstop for 9 straight days and only stopped to take photos of pretty buildings. The weather was freezing (for me, anything below 60 degrees is borderline ridiculous) but we managed pretty well and luckily had no rain.

But we’re home now and I have SO MANY photos and stories to share, including all of the fun places we ate and shopped. I’m still trying to sort through my photos (ooh all 1,500 of them?) so it may take me a bit to get them posted but they’ll be up soon! I’ll start with posts on New York, then Connecticut, and then finish with Montreal. So come back for LOTS of travel photos and recaps!