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November 24, 2014

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hair cut

If I were to describe the past 2.5 weeks of my life, it would be the title of this post. I decided to snip off about 5 inches of hair (I WANT IT ALL GONE, I said to my hair stylist quite emphatically). You can’t tell as much in this photo but it’s above my shoulders (see here). I feel like ME for the first time in a long time.

Wisdom teeth. Yes, I spent a drug-fueled (sorry not sorry) weekend recovering from getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. I’m still struggling a bit with it but definitely on the mend. Oh but you should’ve seen the chipmunk-cheeked snapchats I was sending out.

TURKEY. Favorite holiday is coming up. I love eating, bottom line. I also love my family. This year, we’re keeping the menu straightforward and classic, but cutting out all bread products for my mom and aunt who are currently Gluten Free (I’m still eating all the pumpkin pie though). Will report back after.

A few other things on my radar:

Vince cardigan
James Jeans (most comfortable jeans on this planet)
Warby Parker sunglasses
Zara boots