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Typical summer

August 6, 2012

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On summer weekends, I stick to a simple formula: messy hair + white sunglasses + striped shirt + cut-off shorts.

If I’m feeling adventurous, I add a bikini and a panama hat.  It’s simply too hot for anything more complex than that!  Plus, I love stripes in any shape or size and would gladly wear them every day if I could (especially when mint green is involved).

PS, I’m absolutely addicted to the Olympics right now.  Let’s be real, who isn’t?  I’ve never watched so much TV in my whole life but every event is just so fascinating!  My favorite is women’s gymnastics for sure (always has been!).  What’s yours?

*wearing juicy sunglasses, madewell shirt, gap shorts, vintage satchel

I love a good sale

July 25, 2012

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Anthropologie maxi dress // the style eater

Usually when I make a purchase, I weigh my options and really think it over before taking the plunge.  Do I need it?  Do I really want it?  With this dress though, it was a no brainer – I was buying it whether the dang thing fit or not (luckily it did).  Not even because I was in love with the style (which I am), but because it was originally priced at $400 and on sale for $49.  I almost cried, I had never seen a price tag so beautiful.

So here I am prancing around in it.  Can you tell how happy a good sale makes me??

*Anthropologie dress