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August 29, 2013

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Y’ALL. I pretty much gave up on blogging until I saw this quote floating around Pinterest. IT’S SO TRUE. Beyonce is the hardest working woman on the planet and if we’re working with the same amount of time in this life, then by golly I better get my ass in gear. Blogging, book writing, working out (this one is TBD) – it’s all happening now. So here I am, with my blogger hat on, my work blackberry tucked in my purse, Kyle upstairs on his computer, TV turned off, and we’re blogging, because BEYONCE WOULD DO IT AND SO CAN I.

The truth is, life has been slapping this gal across the face lately and I am tired as BALLS. <–Normally I would edit that out and change it to something a little more PC like “tired as heck” but I ain’t backspacing today, friends. I’m also going to embrace this exhaustion, slap it right back, and do something fruitful with my down time. Mrs. Carter has convinced me that I CAN do all the things in one day, oh yes I can. She also taught me who run the world (the answer is “girls,” if you were wondering). We’re moving forward, onward, and upward because…BEYONCE!

And for as crazy as life has been lately, it’s also been the most exciting and rewarding. So many great things are happening and I’m loving every second of it (tired or not!).

And until next time, I leave you with my favorite time of day: when I get home from work and sit in silence for 5 whole minutes, blocking out all the noise from the day and soaking in the quiet of my home. In those few moments, the sun starts fading, cool air seeps through the open windows, and my fridge purrs softly. I feel nothing but peace. After those 5 minutes, I’m up and on to the next (insert ANY AND ALL Beyonce gif’s here).





August 13, 2013

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picnics / the style eater

LOVING: unseasonably cool August nights. outdoor picnics. concerts at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. leather jackets in the middle of summer. shameless selfies. the new denim madewell. weekends, all the weekends.


WEARING: vintage levi’s. muscle tees. converse. leather jackets. baseball caps. mary-jane sandals. drop-waist dresses. floral patterns. simple black blazers. ray ban clubmasters.

cacti / the style eater

FIGHTING WITH: These two new cacti gals I got over the weekend. Hey, they weren’t lying. Cactus really does sting the crap out of you. Duly noted, cactus, duly noted.

arts district los angeles / the style eater

INSPIRED BY: the colorfully delicious buildings in the Downtown LA Arts District. pinterest (still…and always). olive trees. dabito’s bench. tulum, mexico. heath ceramics. my friends. the steven alan store in venice. mexican blankets. nat the fat rat.

dinner / the style eater

EATING: simple pastas with roasted tomatoes, basil, and cheese. strawberry and coconut sorbet with mangoes on top. zucchini bread. greek yogurt with granola and berries. brown rice bowls. kimchi on everything.

hollywood forever cemetery

APPRECIATING: LA’s incredible sunsets. palm trees. summer. life.

Friday Love List

January 6, 2012


friday love list

COOL.  I have the flu.  Which is especially awesome since I had a flu shot.  And even more awesome because we have a HUGE event at work coming up.  I’ve always had really great timing!  But we’re not throwing ourselves a pity party over here.  No way, sir.  We’re going to power through it and talk about our favorite things this week!

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December 20, 2011

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Lately, I’ve been totally slacking around, wearing oversized sweaters, drinking lots of hot drinks, and neglecting my blog.  Poor thing gets no love lately.  But hey!  There is an upside.  My blog is getting redecorated real soon!  Revamped.  Redesigned.  Can’t wait.

But in the meantime, I don’t really have a new post.  So you can hang out with me on Pinterest (cuz I’ve been pinning lots), or on Twitter (cuz I tweet sometimes), or on Instagram (thestyleeater).  Hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday week!

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