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December 3, 2013


unionmade candle / the style eater

unionmade candle / the style eater

unionmade candle / the style eater

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of my essentials, but since I spend a good portion of my income on candles, I thought it only made sense to share my essential one: Unionmade and Baxter of California’s KML candle. It’s a mouthful, but I promise it smells like perfection. Well I guess that depends on how you define perfection, but for me, a campfire in the middle of the forest is what I’d prefer (not ACTUALLY, just in candle-form). This Unionmade x Baxter candle smells exactly like that.

Don’t forget I’m terrible at describing scents, but it’s a blend of Cedar and Sandalwood, with a layer of musk that really hits you after a few minutes of burning it. It’s not super strong but it definitely makes my whole place smell good. I often pair it with my favorite incense, which adds another layer of campfire, and then you’re outside under the stars surrounded by the woods IS WHAT IT’S LIKE.

Anyway, I personally like the 3-wick version because we go through them so quickly, but they’ve recently come out with this ceramic one that’s making my life a whole lot better, etc. Lucky for us, there’s a Unionmade store just minutes from our apartment in Brentwood and we are literally there every few months stocking up. Want me to pick one up for you? Can’t live without.

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