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Rugs make everything better

March 21, 2012

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kilim rug

It’s been awhile since I’ve shown a little corner of my apartment.  I think I might start doing that more often now that it’s much lighter when I get home from work.  Don’t you feel so much better about life when you leave work and it’s still light outside?  Like you can accomplish so many things with those extra few hours of sunshine?  Thank goodness for daylight savings.

Anyway, I know I’ve shared this dining corner before but I’m constantly changing things around in my apartment so I thought I’d share it again, this time with a big ol’ beautiful rug.

It’s a Maimana Kilim rug and I purchased it on BlueTeddy’s etsy super recently.  And by “super recently,” I mean I ordered it last Thursday and it arrived on Monday…from York, England.  Before I could even begin to process how fast that shipping was, this thought went through my mind: OH MY GOSH, YORK’S REALLY CLOSE TO DOWNTON ABBEY.

Dear rug, I dig you.  Warm regards, Janelle