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Dear Santa

December 2, 2009

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Dear Santa,

I PROMISE I’ve been good this year. I graduated from college! That’s good, right? Sure, I spent my life savings in Europe this summer but that’s just a minor, insignificant detail. The rest of the year, I’ve been a golden ray of sunshine (excluding the bouts of post-grad laziness).

So can I pretty please have this Proenza Schouler Lux Leather Wallet? It comes in all sorts of beautiful colors and I’d be tickled pink to own any one of these colors (except pink). Proenza Schouler recently launched an online shop on their website and this wallet is one of the limited-edition accessories featured. Limited-edition, I said!

I would really love this wallet, Santa. And by “would really love,” I mean it’s a necessity for my well being. You understand right? I don’t even know what the inside looks like but the outside has already sold me. I’m SOLD!! It will match perfectly with the inside of my purse, next to my iPod and chapstick. So it’s a good investment.

I’ll bake you extra delicious cookies!

xo, Janelle

[Image via Proenza Schouler]