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Want Worthy

October 20, 2011

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want worthy

I always keep a running list of everything I want to buy online, but this list is usually in several different places at one time and/or gets lost on a daily basis.  Sometimes, I send myself emails with the link to a sweater or pair of shoes (raise your hand if you send yourself more emails than anyone else….Anyone?…Bueller?).  Other times, I write myself Post-Its or reminders on my iPhone (and never look at them again).

And finally when I’m home with my credit card in one hand and my laptop in the other (it’s like a balancing act), I can never find any of the things I was planning on buying!  My system of “running lists” is clearly failing me, so when I found this new site, Want Worthy, I SIGNED UP IMMEDIATELY.  When you’re perusing e-commerce sites, all you do is click the “I Want This” button (that’s added to your toolbar) and Want Worthy creates a list for you.  So easy!  Then you can refer back to it whenever you and your credit card are ready.  Here is a glimpse of my Want Worthy list.  I only started it yesterday so I have a small inkling it will grow exponentially over the next few days…