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May 9, 2013

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2013-04-21 10.58.31

After our adventure in New York (photos here, here, and here), we took a train from Grand Central Station up to New Haven, Connecticut. My cousin, Anabel, goes to Wesleyan University in Middletown and our plan was to hang with her for a day before road-tripping to Montreal. We arrived really early in New Haven and took a mini-tour of Yale to kill some time. I geeked out a bit because it looks kind of like Hogwarts. That’s how you know I went to a public university in CA –> I think Ivy League schools look like Hogwarts. Anyway, the campus was beautiful and we kept searching for any and all trapped doors that led to secret societies.

Then we rented a car* and drove to Middletown to spend the day with Anabel. First of all, this girl is such a dream and I love her to pieces. So smart and witty and gorgeous. Kyle and I had a great time hanging around her school and pretending we were young college students (sigh, miss those days). I’m so glad we had a day to just relax and chill with my cousin before the whirlwind that was Montreal!



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*okay how adorable is our mini coops rental car? kind of wanted to steal it…