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February 6, 2015

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thestyleeater housewares

New trinkets around the house always jazz up my overall mood. It’s rare that we’ll make big furniture decisions so any kind of change, no matter how small, is totally refreshing.

Like a marble-handled cheese board that you never knew you needed until it’s right in front of your face and then you wonder how you’ve lived for 28 years without it. Same with the jewelry display box. That thing can be used in so many different ways and in so many different places around the house. Just for a little added dimension, some excitement, ya know? Gold-rimmed boxes, man. That and ceramic mugs. I can never have enough ceramic mugs.

Which gets me to the point of the post, the real meat and potatoes of what I’m getting at: ideas for more stuff that I’m eyeing for the house. It could always use a little more sprucing. Here goes:

housewares / the style eater

URBAN OUTFITTERS TERRARIUM // I’ve been wanting this terrarium for ages and ages, although I think I’ll end up with the copper version. It would fit right in on my bookcase.

BODIE & FOU NATURAL BASKET // Baskets are perfect for corralling and hiding random crap around the house, aka my speciality. Need it.

SCHOOLHOUSE ELECTRIC AIDEN CANDLESTICKS // These candlesticks are like the Silver Lake of candlesticks. Cool, but the bones are classic and simple. Reasonably priced if you buy just one (like an apartment right off of Sunset), but pretty expensive if you ball out and get all four varieties (like a craftsman up in the hills overlooking the reservoir).

CRATE & BARREL SUIT NAPKINS // Because a stack of these on my dining table before dinner would really just round out the kitchen vibe, don’t you think?

WEST ELM AGATE BOOKENDS // So I actually ordered these online and received two very different sized agate bookends, in very different colors. They are natural so I GET IT, but what I wouldn’t give for 2 symmetrically shaped ones.

URBAN OUTFITTERS MARBLE HEXAGON CUTTING BOARD // Spotted this little lady over here and can’t stop thinking about it! It would go perfectly with my marble-handled cheeseboard. Could you even imagine how next-level the appetizer game would be around here?

STEVEN ALAN HASAMI MUGS // Because ceramic mugs.

SCHOOLHOUSE ELECTRIC STUDIO DESK LAMP // Because I’m still using lamps from my college dorm room and I just can’t even deal anymore.

STEVEN ALAN FARIBAULT WOOLEN MILLS BLANKET // We eye this blanket every time we go to Steven Alan in Venice. Now that it’s on sale, it mayyyyy just have to happen.


October 27, 2014


the style eater apartment

the style eater apartment My BFF, Jaymee, featured my and Kyle’s apartment on her blog last week and it was so fun to see! We’ve lived in this place for 3 years now and although it’s still very much a work in progress, I really feel like we’ve built a home together. So thanks Jay for capturing it for us, you da best.

You can see all the photos here!

Photos by Jaymee.


March 31, 2014

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ABJ GLASSWORKS / the style eater

One of my favorite objects on my nightstand is this glass pyramid box from ABJ Glassworks. It’s a perfect little house to store all my rings, plus it’s just so dang beautiful. I love the shape and dimension it adds to my nightstand. I’ve always been a fan of displaying my jewelry, rather than hiding it. Gold baubles are too pretty to put in drawers! I also use small, round dishes to hold my other rings, bracelets, and loose earrings as well, but those are on my dresser. I keep the pyramid on my nightstand because I usually take off all my rings after I’ve already gotten in bed slash when I’m half asleep. They used to haphazardly pile up on my nightstand, but luckily they now have a pyramid house and stay in one place. Yay for ring houses!

NIGHTSTAND / the style eater

ABJ GLASSWORKS / the style eater

NIGHTSTAND / the style eater

NIGHTSTAND / the style eater

Resources: ABJ Glassworks glass pyramid, West Elm nightstand, Rosebud Salve lip balm, Aesop skincare, Ikea ceramic pot
Rings: vintage, Jennie Kwon Designs, catbird nyc


February 25, 2014

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They don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing, y’all. It’s always this time of year that I crave a blank slate, starting over, and simplifying. I want to empty my closets, clean out the garage, sell all my furniture, eBay all the things. Between Kyle and I, it’s almost crazy how hoardy we’ve become with the random crap we’ve amassed in the past 3 years of living together. I mean, I don’t think I need that ikea bookshelf I got in college. Or those jeans that never fit right, no matter how much I hoped my butt would change shape. Those have got to go. Plus a million other things that have been collecting dust and serve no purpose. Bye, things!

It feels so good to purge everything, right? I have lofty goals of living with much less. Wish me luck. Or give me some advice, perchance? PERCHANCE? And why does Lady Mary get all the hot suitors? What about poor Edith? Anyway, spring cleaning.