March 2, 2015

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A few months ago, I bought this amazing vintage African textile and couldn’t decide if I should use them as throws or turn them into pillows. Remember this instagram? Well last week, I finally decided to turn them into pillows thanks to my super great tailor and now I have way too many pillows. Like more than the average human needs. Anyway, I can’t keep them or Kyle will pre-divorce me so I’m selling a bunch!

There are five black & white Mudcloth pillow covers and six Indigo Mudcloth pillow covers. The backing is a natural linen and they have a zipper closure. I LOVE the way they turned out so you better buy them up before I decide to keep them all.

I set up a little shop HERE but you can also click through the product below:


A couple things to note about the pillows:

  • The textile is handwoven in Africa.
  • All of the pillows have slight variations since they’re different sections of one single fabric.
  • As far as pillow inserts go, I’m only selling covers but I like to buy the down ones to optimize comfort levels.
  • I grew up in the **Amazon free shipping** era and I strongly believe that no man shall pay for shipping so these pillows will ship fo’ FREE.

pillows2 pillows3 pillows4 pillows5 pillows6 pillows7

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