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August 3, 2014

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Ojaivalleyinn1 A LITTLE FACELIFT

This weekend, I did some major sprucing up around this here blog. How does she look? It’s been a few years since my last redesign so I figured now was as good a time as any to make some changes. First up, the logo. I hired my friend, Eva Black, to hand letter The Style Eater in her famous watercolor cursive and it turned out exactly how I envisioned. I mean, HOW COOL, RIGHT? I love it. Thanks, Eva!

As for the design, it’s a Blogzilla Studio theme (the mignon!) and let me tell you, they know a thing or two about making good-looking blogs. Their designs are so chic and minimal. I’ve been searching high and low for a reasonably priced, yet super cool design for SO LONG, I can’t even tell you.

Anyway, take a looksie around. There are a few new details, like a rotating list of my current favorite things (at the top!), some fun sharing tools in the posts, and an easier way to subscribe via feedly, bloglovin, and rss.

Other things I did this weekend:
-almond-macadamia milk lattes from go get em tiger
-venice in the rain
-looked at all the wedding venues

Free People dress
Birkenstocks (mine are Amalfi’s)
Baggu Bag


June 30, 2014

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proposal shot THE SHOT

This photo isn’t a particularly great one, nor does it come close to capturing the beauty of a New York City skyline at night. The exposure is a bit off, the colors aren’t all there, and the graininess is a little too visible for my liking. But for me, this photo doesn’t capture an image. It captures a precise moment in my life, timestamped at 1:01 AM on May 28, 2014, on the rooftop of The Nolitan Hotel in NYC, when my boyfriend of 8 years (is it 9, now?) proposed to me. At the exact moment I took this photo, he got down on one knee and I’ll be honest with you, I was one sappy mess.

It was perfect, just the two of us on that roof, and although I have no photos of us from when it happened, I’ll forever have the moment captured. You see, the sneaky guy suggested we go up to the roof to take night photos of the skyline. Well, gosh darn, that made perfect sense to me because OF COURSE I need photos of that exact thing for the blog, ya know? I’m always looking for that perfect photo op. Well, he had other plans, which, in retrospect, seem really obvious – who wants to go up to a roof at 1AM? But at the time, it just wasn’t on my mind. That’s not to say that it wasn’t on my mind during other parts of the trip – you know, the sweet stroll through Central Park, the talks of going to the top of the Empire State building, the romantic dinners. During those times, I was like YUP I think I might get proposed to. Aaaaaand it never happened, so I guess you could say I had given up by the time he actually did ask me – HIS PLAN ALL ALONG. After 8 years together, it’s hard to surprise me because I know all his moves, but he somehow managed to do it. And I said yes, of course.

More NYC photos coming soon.


June 9, 2014

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Got lots to share on this here blog, but right now, let’s just talk about the weekend. How was yours? Mine was extra jam packed, just how I like it. I don’t know about you, but I like a weekend to be filled to the brim with activities. You know the kind, where its nonstop fun and food and shopping. Yes, all those things. Throw in a hike or a mini road trip for good measure. Sure, I like a good midday nap or a few back-to-back Netflix screenings, but really, give me a full weekend itinerary and I’ll be happy forever.

Like Saturday, for example. We started at the Modernica Factory sale at 9:30am, trolled the warehouse for a few hours, bought this planter (on sale) because you know I needed another planter, and tried this new thing called “cactus water” (water trends, only in LA). Then we made a quick pitstop at Proof Bakery in Atwater Village for fuel before making our way to the Clare Vivier sample sale. Sure, we waited in line for like 45 minutes, but prices were UNREAL and I practically bought one of everything, ughhhh bye money. Then, we skipped over to Pasadena for the Make Music festival to see Moses Sumney, Sylvan Esso, and Tennis. Holy crap, for a free concert, Make Music is incredible. After lots of dance moves and some unexpected sunburns (why are you always so hot, Pasadena?), we ended up back at our apartment after 8pm. <–That everyday, please.

Also, fresh nails and a hair cut. A terribly good weekend, indeed.

Also x2, wearing baggy men’s Levi’s 501s everyday, forever.





June 2, 2014

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I’ve been out of town a bunch over the last 2-3 weeks and all I could think about was if Trader Joe’s would still have peonies left when I got back home. When I returned from New York last Wednesday, my TJ’s was STOCKED and thank the heavens for that. I bought 2 bunches to make up for lost time and I’ve been standing in this corner of my house ever since. I love watching their progress. They bloom so regally, you know? It’s epic and grand and perfect.

Anyway, I have some other epic news as well, which I shared on Instagram. I’ll share the story here soon. Plus, a rehash from my trips to New York and St. Louis (you know I love a good rehashing). MORE LATER.


May 14, 2014

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theblues THE BLUES

You guys, I have the immune system of a horse. I’m assuming they have really good immune systems and mine is a good one, is what I’m trying to say. But last week (or was it the week before?), I got hit with a terrible virus and it really f’ed up my immune system street cred. Don’t you hate that? When you feel like you’re really good at something or your street cred levels are pretty legit, and someone just knocks you right off your podium and says NO, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A SHITTY {insert street cred}. Well that’s what happened to my immune system’s street cred.

Anyway, I lost my voice completely and was mute for a few days and that was fun communicating solely with hand-signed emojis, but we’re on the mend and thanking the heavens for prescription cough medicine.

Moral of the story is I HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT, OKAY? Other than the fact that it’s shorts season again and I love shorts season. PLUS, my Levi’s 501 shorts have always been a smidge too big and now they fit perfectly, so I’d like to thank all those extra donuts and beers for contributing to my perfectly fit Levi’s. Hey Summer, I’m gonna wear these shorts everyday, so get ready and hope you don’t mind.