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December 15, 2011

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Wurstküche is somewhat of an LA favorite.  It’s located in the super neat Arts District of downtown (another one recently opened in Venice) and almost always has a line out the door.  Their premise is simple: they serve really delicious German-style sausages (ranging from veggie to chicken to buffalo) and you pick 2 toppings (my favorites are the carmelized onions and sauerkraut).  That’s all you need, I promise.  Oh, aside from the Belgian fries, of course.  You NEED those.  No question.  In fact, order the large size.

Also, their beer menu is quite extensive.  As it should be.  What’s a sausage without a beer?  PS, if you’re vegetarian, they have great veggie dog options as well (i’m a half vegetarian, yes that exists…no red meat or pork for me so I order the chicken or turkey varieties).




By the way, it’s across the street from the ever-so adorable (I mean, LOOK AT THAT FONT!) The Pie Hole, so if you’re not too full from eating an entire order of french fries, be sure to grab a slice of pie here:

the pie hole

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    1. Janelle Post author

      you should go!! downtown is super fun and has such good food. i also love bottega louie and mas malo. both yummy places in downtown!


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