Rose Bowling

March 12, 2012

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rose bowl flea market

On Sunday, we did a little Rose Bowl flea action.  We’re not the best flea market pickers and we kind of wander around aimlessly, but hey!  I FINALLY found a perfect globe on the cheap so I’m one happy camper.  Other than that, we just thumbed through lots of trinkets, tried to barter down an $800 rug (no dice), enjoyed the gorgeous day, and eyed other people’s loot enviously.

Also, I didn’t take that many photos but here’s what I should have snapped:
+the hundreds of beautiful kilim rugs that I would have DIED to get my hands on had they not been so expensive
+Natalie Portman with her new baby and husband
+custom floor-length mirrors that I wanted so badly
+the sold sign on a vintage turquoise electric fan that I almost tried to steal
+all the potted succulents for sale

rose bowl flea market

rose bowl flea market

rose bowl flea market

5 thoughts on “Rose Bowling

    1. Janelle Post author

      I sneak attack when I take photos. When the seller isn’t looking, I swoop in with my cam and snap it up. You are right, they do get mad! Who knows why!

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