February 20, 2013

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Franklin Canyon Park / the style eater

Franklin Canyon Park / the style eater

Franklin Canyon Park / the style eater

Franklin Canyon Park / the style eater

Stop being so dang pretty all the time, Los Angeles.

One of my favorite things about this crazy city of mine is that you can be grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s one minute…and then 15 minutes later you can be on the top of a mountain eating Cookie Butter or drinking Traderade.  Just kidding on the Cookie Butter, but seriously there are so many great places to hike and explore.

For this particular adventure, we drove through the flats of Beverly Hills (aka lots of mini mansions), then up into the hills of Beverly Hills (aka giant mansions), then up even higher on a windy street up the side of a mountain until we reached our destination at Franklin Canyon Park.  There are trails, walks, parks, reservoirs, and lots of cute puppies everywhere you look.  We decided to do a small hike to the top so we could overlook the reservoir.  What is it about bodies of water that are so appealing?  I don’t know but we were darn excited to see this thing.  When we got to the top, the reservoir was drained and empty.  WHAT THE HECK?  Anyway, so we took the long way down the mountain and snapped pictures on our iPhones.  Can you believe these are iPhone pics??

*a note to locals who want to hike this: Stop completely at all STOP signs.  We’re talking a 5-second stop at least!  There are cameras at every STOP sign up in the park and they want you to give them a $100 for rolling through them.  Be good and stop!  We know from experience.

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