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Scenes from Renegade

December 14, 2011

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renegade craft fair

I know I’ve posted about Renegade craft fair several times before, i.e. here and here, but it’s just so dang fun!  I go whenever they’re out here (July and December) and have a new experience with great new vendors every time.  Also, I can’t help but take photos of all the awesome things so here we are with a 3rd Renegade post…

renegade craft fair

renegade craft fair

renegade craft fair

renegade craft fair

renegade craft fair

renegade craft fair

renegade craft fair

*these are my favorite green pants EVER.  kyle got them for me for my birthday (yesss my birthday is not until the end of January but we like to give early birthday presents around here…no judging).

Gift Guide {ETSY Holiday}

December 12, 2011

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Happy Monday!  This is probably one of my longest posts in history, but with good reason!  I wanted to share a few of my favorite items on Etsy that would be the perfect gift this holiday season.  And I did them all separate so you can click on the photo and it sends you straight to their Etsy.  Easy peasy!  I think it’s super important to support small businesses and what better way to do so than during the holidays?  Here are some of my favorites:

stitches bags

These bags are made by my friend Christy – aren’t they so cute?  They’re the perfect size to throw in a purse.  I would toss in a few lip balms and a hand lotion and give it to one of my best friends for Christmas.  See the full Etsy here.


It’s hard to pick a favorite piece from A Merry Mishap because they’re all so unique and fun, but I think I would give this ring as a gift because I’ve never seen anything like it.  So neat!  See the full Etsy here.


Ann-Marie is one of my best friends and she is so dang talented!  I love her newly added digital prints and would gift them to anyone needing a little color and inspiration in their life.  See the full Etsy here.


I would totally buy this camera strap for myself.  What?  I’m not allowed to by myself a Christmas present here and there??  It would be awesome for my new camera.  See the full Etsy here.


These striped linen dish towels are the perfect addition to any kitchen.  Wrap it around a wooden spoon and BAM you have a great gift.  See the full Etsy here.


I love these bright graphic prints and actually have one hanging on my gallery wall!  I would gift one of these to an art lover, of course.  See the full Etsy here.


The coral in this beaded bracelet is so gorgeous!  Ayofemi makes the most beautiful, delicate bracelets and I would give any one of them to my jewelry-loving cousin. See the full Etsy here.


Everyone needs a chunky cowl in their life but I think it would be such a good gift for my friend that moved to the east coast.  She will actually need it!  See the full Etsy here.

*You can see my last two gift guides here and here.

DIY Bookshelf

December 5, 2011

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DIY shelving unit

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Kyle decided to build us a bookshelf.  Totally on a whim!  I like when he does things like that.  We used this DIY from The Brick House and absolutely loved the results.  Exactly the right level of industrial chic we were looking for.  Don’t ask why the wall is 2 different paint colors, though.  That’s the landlord’s fault.  I mean, 2 paint colors on one wall…really??

But back to the unit…we put a few things on the shelves for now but plan to add lots of flea market goods and old books as soon as possible.  Can’t wait until it’s all finished!

DIY shelving unit

DIY shelving unit

DIY shelving unit

DIY shelving unit

DIY shelving unit

Now on to the “building” part.  I can’t really take credit for any of it, not gonna lie.  I took the photos and held a pipe every once in a while, but Kyle (the Tool Man Taylor…har har) did all the manual labor.  Full disclosure: this was NOT an easy project.  It took about 7 trips to Home Depot and lots of F bombs.  We put it together once, had to take it apart, and then put it together again.  But now that it’s up and attached to the wall, I couldn’t be happier with the results!

The full size of the bookshelf is 40″ wide by 92″ tall by 12″ deep.  In total, it cost us about $250 and 12 hours of labor (over the course of a week).

Here are the parts we use:
Pipe (1/2″ gas pipe)
4  – 18″
10 – 8″
2 – 10″
8 – 12″

4 base flanges
10 tees
12 90º elbows

Wood Shelves
5 – 40″ x 12″ x 1″ pine (custom cut at Home Depot)

Wood Finishes
1 Minwax wood conditioner (to prep before the stain)
1 Minwax wood stain in “dark walnut”

Rustolem gloss spray paint (for the pipes)
1 – black

8 – #12 2.5″ wood screws (to screw into the wall)

Other tools
Prep All Spray (to clean the pipes before spray painting)
Extra fine sand paper, 220 (to sand the wood before staining)
7/8″ Hole Saw (to drill the holes into the wood)
Hand drill
Stud finder
Lots of brute strength (seriously, you need some muscle)

Important things to note:
+ Clean pipes thoroughly with soap and water and THEN with Prep All spray to get rid of the oil
+ Because studs are most commonly 16″ apart, make sure the holes you drill in the wood are either 16″ apart or 32″ apart (or 48″ apart, so on and so forth in multiples of 16 – ours are 32″ apart)
+ Again regarding studs, it’s super important to drill the unit’s top base flanges into studs for maximum support (which is why we made the wood holes 32″ apart)

DIY shelving unit

DIY shelving unit

DIY shelving unit

Friday Love List

December 2, 2011


anthropologie gift wrap

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend – oh and Happy December!  WHAT?  I can’t believe it’s almost 2012.  This year has flown byyyyyyy.

Friday Love List

November 18, 2011

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friday love list

This week has been a sparse blogging week for me.  If I have a really crazy Monday (and boy did I have a real cray cray Monday!), then I’m totally screwed for the rest of the week.  But that’s okay because you were probs tired of all that regular posting.  And that regular pinning/tweeting.  And all that Janelle time.  I feel ya, you needed a break!  But hey, I’m back now and here are a few things I found this week that I’d like to do/make/replicate/own:

PS – guess what next week is??  My FAVORITE holiday!!