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December 12, 2011

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Happy Monday!  This is probably one of my longest posts in history, but with good reason!  I wanted to share a few of my favorite items on Etsy that would be the perfect gift this holiday season.  And I did them all separate so you can click on the photo and it sends you straight to their Etsy.  Easy peasy!  I think it’s super important to support small businesses and what better way to do so than during the holidays?  Here are some of my favorites:

stitches bags

These bags are made by my friend Christy – aren’t they so cute?  They’re the perfect size to throw in a purse.  I would toss in a few lip balms and a hand lotion and give it to one of my best friends for Christmas.  See the full Etsy here.


It’s hard to pick a favorite piece from A Merry Mishap because they’re all so unique and fun, but I think I would give this ring as a gift because I’ve never seen anything like it.  So neat!  See the full Etsy here.


Ann-Marie is one of my best friends and she is so dang talented!  I love her newly added digital prints and would gift them to anyone needing a little color and inspiration in their life.  See the full Etsy here.


I would totally buy this camera strap for myself.  What?  I’m not allowed to by myself a Christmas present here and there??  It would be awesome for my new camera.  See the full Etsy here.


These striped linen dish towels are the perfect addition to any kitchen.  Wrap it around a wooden spoon and BAM you have a great gift.  See the full Etsy here.


I love these bright graphic prints and actually have one hanging on my gallery wall!  I would gift one of these to an art lover, of course.  See the full Etsy here.


The coral in this beaded bracelet is so gorgeous!  Ayofemi makes the most beautiful, delicate bracelets and I would give any one of them to my jewelry-loving cousin. See the full Etsy here.


Everyone needs a chunky cowl in their life but I think it would be such a good gift for my friend that moved to the east coast.  She will actually need it!  See the full Etsy here.

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One thought on “Gift Guide {ETSY Holiday}

  1. Shawn Chong

    Hey! That Black Gold Dipped Geo Ring is one of my favorites on Etsy, too! Great taste, I must say.

    Seeing as it’s almost Christmas 2013 (two years after your original post), I was wondering if I could share the work that my wife and I do?

    We make accessories (wallets, passport sleeves, coin purses) made of biodegradable paper. The paper is usually mistaken for leather upon first encounter, and indeed, it looks like leather and develops that unique character after a period of use… but no animals need to be harmed to make it! It’s also super-strong and durable – it’ll last many, many years and stand up to a lot of abuse. Despite these awesome properties, it’s still biodegradable! Left outside with Mother Nature, it will disappear after many months…

    I hope you and your readers like our work as much as we enjoy designing and making them for each of our customers.

    Well, no matter what you choose, Etsy is a great choice for Christmas gifts. Supporting an artisan that puts her heart and soul into her work is a gift in itself!


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