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The Globe Hunt

March 14, 2012

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vintage world globe

What was once the globe hunt of 2010 turned into the globe hunt of 2011 and THEN the globe hunt of 2012.  That’s a lot of globe hunting.  But holy moly pants, I found one.

I had lots of requirements for my world globe, which is probably why it took so long to find.  First, it needed to be that aqua shade of blue, as seen above.  Then I needed a crack- and ripped-free globe body.  I also appreciated a little outdated world map to up it’s vintage factor.  Let me tell you, all these requirements combined are hard to come by.  But the most difficult aspect of globe hunting is the stand it rests on.  Most of them look super cheap and crappy.  It needed to, at the very least, LOOK like it wasn’t made of cheap plastic.

So after many years of searching, I found the perfect one and for the cheapest price I’ve come across so far ($25) at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  That’s a win-win in my book.

ALERT: Total unrelated story ahead and only read if you are a rapid Hunger Games fan:
So on Monday, this little lady was able to go to the Hunger Games premiere with work – yahoo!!  Wanted to let you know that the movie was WONDERFUL and it does the book a great justice.  Absolutely amazing.  I was laughing, crying, gasping, Team Gale-ing, then Team Peeta-ing, then back to Team Gale at the after-party, etc., etc.

Not that this movie needs any help at all gathering moviegoers, but honestly, GO see it.  Stanley Tucci and Lenny Kravitz alone are reasons why you must go see it.  Happy Hunger Games!!

Currently Coveting

February 28, 2012


I always have a collection of things I’m lusting after.  Normally it’s the various Girl Scout cookie selections but today, I’m really feeling these 6 items.  They’re colorful, simple, yet totally functional.  Except for the yellow dress.  That’s not really functional.  Unless you’re going to a yellow dress party, then it would be REALLY functional.

No. 1// Madewell Sandals

No. 2// Tea for One Brewing Set

No. 3// Mickey’s Girl Cut Out Dress

No. 4// Calypso Scarf

No. 5// Alarm Dock

No. 6// Illesteva Sunglasses

DIY Kitchen Shelves

February 6, 2012

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diy kitchen shelves

After making this DIY bookshelf, the bf has been in the mood to build more things for our little apartment.  His most recent venture are kitchen shelves that we modeled after these West Elm wood shelves.  We were *this close* to buying those shelves at $79 a piece until Kyle decided to make a version of them himself.

So he bought a few slabs of wood, used the same stain as our bookshelf, and picked up a few cheap-o wall brackets at Ikea.  And now, we have 10x more storage in our kitchen!

diy kitchen shelves

diy kitchen shelves

To make these shelves, here’s what we used: 

Wood Shelves
3 – 8″ x 24″ red oak (or any other hard wood, custom cut at Home Depot)
1 Minwax wood conditioner (to prep before the stain)
1 Minwax wood stain in “dark walnut”

Wall Brackets
6 – Ikea Ekby Valter brackets, black (it comes with screws)

12 – #12 2″ screws (to screw into the wall)
6 – small screws (to screw into the wood)

Other tools
Extra fine sand paper, 220 (to sand the wood before staining)
Hand drill
Stud finder

You basically just sand and stain the wood, drill the brackets into the wall (preferably a stud, but if not, then use drywall anchors), line the shelves on top, and drill them into the brackets.  Voila!

A Quickie

January 12, 2012


I totally forgot to mention in my last post that this week will be a very light posting week for moi.  Emphasis on the very light.  It’s the busiest work week of the year for me, including one crazyyy weekend.  It’s all very fun and exciting, but I can’t wait to see you all again on Tuesday.  Shall we call it a date?

In the meantime, here are a few things that I would like more of in 2012:

  • More black on black outfits:  So chic and classy.  Yes, please.
  • More chickpeas: Hey, I really like chickpeas.  This year, I want to find more inventive recipes for them, like this cilantro lime chickpea salad.
  • More rugs: My apartment is all wood floors and could really use a colorful rug here and there.  We only have one rug right now but I’d like one in each room.

Happy weekending and see you soon!

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Ampersand + Happy Monday

January 9, 2012

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ampersand print

Okay so having the flu is kind of the worst ever.  I haven’t left my little apartment since Thursday, my bed and I are now best friends, and I’ve eaten chicken soup for the past 4 days straight.  But guess what?  The bf took such great care of me!  He is a keeper sometimes.

Also, I really love ampersands.  As a lover of English grammar, I find them to be filled with such beautiful meaning.  You can take any two words, add an & in between them, and suddenly they are connected.  Joined together, linked, binded.  Like you & me.  Pulls at this English-major’s heart strings.  Also, they’re quite gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?  In fact, I want them all over my house.

This ampersand print from Ampersand Design Studio is one of my favorites.  I love the pop of neon but the overall design is just so perfect.

Happy Monday!

[Image via Ampersand Design Studio]