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August 22, 2010

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Free People Front & Center Pullover

It may be nearing 100 degrees today but that’s not stopping me from shopping for a fall wardrobe.  Right now I’m browsing for a sweater that I can live in during the colder months (and by cold, I mean “mild”).  You know the kind: comfy, cozy, and full of love.  My requirements for such a sweater are as follows:

  1. Large and IN CHARGE.  I’m talking oversized and ill-fitted – as if it came straight out of an episode of Blossom circa 1990.
  2. Camel-colored.  Tan is the new black……obvs.
  3. The chunkier, the better.  It is called a “chunky sweater,” am I right?  Or did I make that name up…
  4. Slouchy and soft.  Double as a blanket, perhaps?
  5. Versatile.  It must look equally good in public as it does sprawled on a couch next to hot cocoa and an empty dvd box.
  6. Breathable.  I can’t stand a sweater that suffocates me.  I need some filtration!

So you can only imagine that when I spotted this Free People Front & Center Pullover, it was simply meant to be.

[Image via Free People]

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