Gossip Girl Thanksgiving

December 1, 2009

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I just have one question for you Gossip Girl addicts.  How epic was that Thanksgiving table conversation?

“Blair told me you were responsible for sabotaging me at cotillion… What? You don’t have anything to say to me?” says Little J to Eric.  To which he responds, “Your sweet potatoes are bland.”

All this whilst Blair is outing her mother for being pregnant (she’s not), Tripp’s wife is outing Tripp and Serena’s love affair, CiCi is subtly outing Lily’s secrets, and Vanessa’s mother is eavesdropping on everyone’s problems.  What, you may ask, is Chuck doing during these shenanigans?  Simply looking ravishingly handsome.

But back to Little J, she was wearing polka dot tights and an 80s-inspired mini dress (sorry I couldn’t find a picture) for Thanksgiving.  Sounds vaguely familiar.  What a little slutski.

As for Blair,  I dearly miss her headbands.  Is that such a crime?  But nevertheless, I love her gray textured tights.  It’s really nice to see colored tights every once in a while.  That girl never disappoints me.  Ahhh, to own Blair’s wardrobe…

[Images via The CW]

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