Guest Post: Danielle of “Little Sincerity”

September 22, 2011

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Dear gentle The Style Eater reader,

The lovely Janelle has somehow lost any sense of self (blog) preservation and has asked me to do a guest post on her gorg endeavor.

So what can I, a girl who spends most of her evenings trying to find viable CatPaint options have to offer you that won’t make you want to chase after Janelle with (electronic and metaphorical) pitchforks and torches?

Well, in the spirit of a new, strange girl coming around + the lack of first-days-of-schools for me for, well, ever, I’m going to give you a whirlwind answer to the timeless question of “Oh em gee, how was your summer?!” in Instagrammed form:

  1. La Scala chopped salad + Maroon 5 at the Hollywood Bowl = all my favorite things in one place
  2. Comic-Con, where I’m sure my future boyfriend was clad in a Pikachu costume somewhere in the masses
  3. My nephew’s farm-themed first birthday party, which was easily more extravagant than anything I will ever have thrown in my honor. Also featured: authentic props
  4. S’mores. In. A. Cup. Hey.
  5. My Starbucks gold card, since this summer was ALL TRENTAS, ALL THE TIME
  6. And finally, my good imaginary friend Aziz topped this delightful summer off with the Food & Fashion project on his tumblr. Never have I ever heard anyone wax poetic about creamed corned polenta the way I always want to.

And with that, I bid you adieu!

Never change and KIT! (Waaaait, I think I just mixed my school metaphors…)

Danielle // @idkdanielle // Little Sincerity tumblr

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