Guilty of Eavesdropping

December 16, 2009

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Exhibit A: Prada handbag in question. Valued at $1,095. On sale for $876 at

On Saturday morning, Kyle and I were having breakfast in a small, crowded English pub in SoHo. The tables in the restaurant were only inches apart from one another so naturally, I knew I’d be eavesdropping while chowing down on my French toast. Without a doubt, if you are within a 3-foot radius of yours truly, your story will not only be overheard, but digested, processed, and posted via blog.

Where was I? Oh yes, I was enjoying a lovely breakfast with Kyle when two twenty-something girls (I would later learn the girl in question [I’ll call her “blonde girl”] was a 25 years old daddy’s-girl from North Carolina) sat down at the table next to us. I was instantly piqued when blonde girl asked the waitress, “Do y’all have a mimosa or bellini here?” I grew quite confused by this line of questioning since we were at a gritty pub where the only drinks available were beer, tea, and coffee.

But it wasn’t this question that grabbed my full attention by the reins. It was her discussion of a very top secret sample sale that she attended the night before that really catapulted my eavesdropping ears into her conversation. Not just any sample sale, my friends, a PRADA sample sale in which blonde girl purchased, and then proceeded to show off to the entire restaurant, a Prada handbag (pictured above) for…wait for it…FORTY PERCENT OFF.

My first inclination was to call this girl out on her obvious lies. 1) I’m an avid reader of fashion blogs and certainly I would have read about a Prada sale. 2) If Prada were to have a top secret sale, why was this chick invited? I instantly BBMed Kyle, though he was sitting across the table from me: This blonde girl is talking about a Prada sale. What a fat liar. Btdubs, I haven’t listened to anything you’ve said in the last 5 minutes. Apologies. To which he quickly replied, Ya I can tell you’re listening in. What is she saying? Was I that obvious? Oops. To which I mouthed, I’ll tell you later.

Anyways, blonde girl would not shut up about this top secret Prada sale. Girlfriend not only wanted me to know that she was in possession of a brand new Prada handbag, but she wanted the waitress, the English fellows sitting to our right, and the elderly couple sitting to their left to know as well. She even lifted it up and let her friend pet it across the table. As my anger/jealousy began to rise, I realized that I had just eaten an entire plate of French toast and eggs. Not even one scrap was left. Oh god, good thing I was wearing my stretchy jeans.

How could I travel all the way to New York City and NOT KNOW about a 40% off sale at Prada? Curse the interwebs for not properly informing me. As we left the restaurant, I internally shouted, Good riddance to you and your last season Prada. Sigh.

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