High Vs. Low: The Wedge

May 12, 2010

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Not only am I a huge lover of the wedge, I’m positively smitten with any and all Cynthia Vincent.  When I came across the right wedge on Piperlime.com, I knew I could never afford such a glorious shoe.  But it immediately reminded me of Cynthia Vincent’s collaboration with Target that she did last month (left wedge)…

Now these wedges are clearly not the same shoe but I can’t help notice the striking similarities.  Of course, the $30 version sold out weeks ago but luckily, they’re all over ebay for around $60 which is still a solid $300 cheaper than the original version.

Oh Cynthia, why are you so great???  Making affordable versions of unattainable (well, for my wallet) shoes!  How sweet of you.  And just as an FYI, her other Target shoes are just as cute.

[Images via Target and Piperlime]

One thought on “High Vs. Low: The Wedge

  1. Kristine

    My sister bought her colorful ones a couple of weeks ago and she told me to look them up. When I saw the tan ones I searched for them everywhere. And they were no where to be found within a 50 mile radius. Did you order them on ebay?


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