Liberty of London for Target

March 13, 2010

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So I guess I probably should have mentioned this earlier but Liberty of London for Target comes out tomorrow, March 14.  I’ve been counting down for what feels like FOREVER but for some reason, it never occurred to me to post it on the blog.  Well, I’m telling you now…better late than never!

Basically, Liberty of London is known for their AMAZING prints and from what I’ve heard through the grapevine, the fabric quality of their Target diffusion line is supposed to be AMAZING as well.  We will see!!  But, it’s not just clothes!  There will be home decor, kitchenware (MAJORLY LUSTING AFTER THE TEAPOT), umbrellas, and a bicycle.

I’m going to Target at 8 AM tomorrow (which will suck because of daylight savings!) and will update you the minute I get home.  So be sure to check back.  Knowing my past experiences (aka Rodarte), I will find nothing and be upset for 2 straight weeks.

UPDATE: Just returned from Target and oh. my. goodness.  There was Liberty of London all over the damn store.  You would load up on one thing and then BAM a whole other section of Lib of Lon would pop up around the corner.  Really amazing stuff too.  Loved the kitchenware, stationary, and home decor (frames, pillows, bedding).  Clothes were ok/good but the random trinkets scattered about the store were just lovely!  You have outdone yourself Target!  I had 3 gift cards to use but even those could not cover up all the damage I did.  Oops.  Only disappointment: NO TEAPOT.  But I tracked down an employee who said they would be restocking all Liberty within the next few days.  I guess that means I’ll be checking back daily…which could be very dangerous.

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