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January 18, 2010

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I recently came across Michelle Roy Designs jewelry and ever since then, I can’t stop oogling over all the amazing baubles! Her designs are unique and fun and will add a perfect splash of color against any palette. I’m obsessed with all the turquoise, especially in her Mediterranean Dreams collection. Here are my favorite pieces from all of the various Michelle Roy collections:

Gold Necklace w/ Stones and Charms:

Gold Chain w/ Birch leaf:

Gold Necklace w/ turquoise pendant (IN LOVE!):

Coral Turquoise and Vermeil Beads Bracelet with Nugget:

Stretch Bracelets with Black Wood and Stones:

Wire Wrapped Rings from Assorted Stones:

Gold Flower Ring:

Long Gold Chain w/ Gold Disks:

Be sure to check out www.michelleroydesigns.com to see all of the amazing collections!

[Images via Michelle Roy Designs]

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