My Love Affair w/ the Euro

October 30, 2009

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[Image via Asos]

I have a strong affinity for European exports, whether it be Belgian chocolates, Eiffel Tower-shaped lamps, or Topshop. Now Topshop has recently set up camp in NYC and started a U.S. website so they’re not totally UK-based anymore. But still, the Topshop style is very much European and therefore falls under the category of Euro exports in my world.

Topshop is not the only UK clothing company that has captured my heart. For one, there’s Asos. It has an ultra-trendy vibe like Topshop but at lower price points (for the most part). If I’m on the hunt for a trend – say, a velvet, puffy-sleeved mini dress (pictured) – then I will find it on the Asos website without a doubt. But it’s not all trendy pieces, my friends. Asos also has a great collection of classic pieces like tailored dresses and pencil skirts that will fit perfectly in your work wardrobe. Word to the wise: if you register on the website and tell them your birthday, they send you a major coupon as a birthday gift. That’s all I’m saying!

Another one of my UK favorites is AllSaints. The style is definitely a little more edgy with a color palette ranging from blacks to grays to navy blues (they do throw a tan in the mix every so often). I love the outerwear and leather but my favorite pieces on the Allsaints website are the knitwear. The sweaters are big and chunky – just how I like them!

So if you need a European fix (like I do on a daily basis), these UK clothing websites are the best antidote.


[Image via Allsaints]

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