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June 10, 2010

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If there’s one thing you should know about me by now (besides my unhealthy need for anything dipped in chocolate), it’s that I have an undying love for Madewell.  There’s just something about it’s chic-meets-comfy style that drives me wild…and depletes my bank account.

About a week ago, Madewell finally launched e-commerce!  …meaning they now have an ONLINE STORE!!!!  …meaning goodbye life savings.  Of course, there are 2 Madewell stores fairly close to me but the idea of being able to order some of my favorite things at the click of a mouse is soooo very enticing.

Since it launched, I’ve scoured every inch of the website and selected all the items I had to have, compiling a list of my favorites.  And though Madewell is adding new items just about daily, these are some of the things that I absolutely love right now…

My Picks:

  1. Panama Hat, $58
  2. Raffia Herringbone Belt, $49.50
  3. Scholar Cardigan, $62
  4. Lizzie Fortunato For Madewell Bouquet Necklace, $118
  5. Button-down Boyshirt, $68
  6. The Canyon Mini-Bag, $98
  7. Clambake Jumpsuit, $118
  8. Floaty Floral Dress, $158
  9. Gouache Cami, $88
  10. Hazy Days Tank, $88
  11. Sunset Sandal, $148
  12. Ropey Soles Simple Espadrilles, $48
  13. Wanderlust Sumatra Shirtdress, $88

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