Olivia P, what shall I do?

October 24, 2009

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So I was on The Sartorialist (my fave blog) the other day, when I came across this photo of Olivia Palermo:


For those of you not familiar with Olivia P, she’s the major b from MTV’s The City. Major b or not, this girl knows how to dress. And therefore, I love her. But it wasn’t Olivia P herself that caught my eye in this photo, it was her SHOES. When I first saw this photo, my eyes zoomed in on those lace-up ankle boots like a tractor beam. Ok that was a bad metaphor because I don’t know what a tractor beam is – I just remember it referenced in Dumb and Dumber. Note to self: never use metaphors when you don’t know their meaning.

Anyways, those shoes instantly grabbed my attention. Not only were they absolutely glorious but I knew I’d seen them before. Oh but where? I literally could picture myself looking at them online, zooming over the image and crying inside about their price. But, ahhhh where?! I racked my brain and the first thing that popped in my mind was Topshop so I ventured over to their website and sure enough, the boots were there! I felt I deserved some sort of prize for having such an immaculate memory so I put the damn boots in my shopping cart. Since I often get a really bad case of buyer’s remorse, I give myself a day or two before purchasing online.

So I waited a day and what do you know, they’re out of stock. I nearly threw my powerbook (yes, I’m old school) out the window. WTF?! I need them! Must. Have. Them. Please, Sir Phillip Green, put them back on your website! I’m desperate. Then again, Topshop does still have gray in stock. I can’t seem to jump the gun, though…


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  1. rey

    so ms nelle- are you going to be commenting on men’s fashion? you know some of us would like to know your take on the styles for men too!!! what your thoughts are on some trends and where to find too- i hope so!!! loving the blog as it is-


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