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October 28, 2009

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Unless it’s the month of July or August, my legs are guaranteed to be whiter than unbleached flour (points for a food reference?). Maybe that’s an exaggeration but I still like to cover them up in the winter months. The perfect way to cover up your legs and still look ultra chic? Tights. Now you’re probably thinking that tights have been in style every winter since 1999 so this is not a novelty assumption I’m making here. Well, my friends, the style of tights varies each year and this year it’s all about patterned tights.

Any kind of pattern will do: leaf pointelle-stitch (pictured above), lace, diamond, polka dot, cable knit, houndstooth, herringbone, etc. Pair them with a wool skirt or rolled shorts and you have instantly classed up your fall wardrobe. Or, even better, pair them with a sequined dress for a fun holiday party.

The best place to look for patterned tights is at Bare Necessities. They have a whole section dedicated to patterned and textured tights. My favorite are the Wolford Polka Tights but I don’t think I’m classy enough to spend $55 on tights so instead, I found these on eBay for $6.87. A little sketchy that they’re from South Korea but you can’t really beat $6.87. J. Crew also has a surprisingly great collection of hosiery.

Now pick out your favorite pattern and add a little pizazz into your outfit.

[Image via J. Crew]

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