30-Day Photo Challenge: Days 1-7

August 8, 2011

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Remember when I said I was doing this photo challenge?  Here are the first 7 days!

Day 1 [self-portrait]: mmmk not the biggest fan of taking photos of m’self but this will have to do!

Day 2 [what i wore]: wearing a Madewell tank and vintage skirt…and looking out of a closed window?

Day 3 [clouds]: ok so I cheated this day because there were no clouds around on day 3!  I had to use some old clouds…and obvs I already had clouds instagramed.

Day 4 [favorite color]: my fave color changes all the time but right now it’s definitely mustard yellow – i just love that creamy hue of yellow. and yes, yes that is a mockingjay pin I’m wearing.

Day 5 [someone i love]: this is someone I love doing something he loves – going to art galleries and looking at (aka appraising) all the unique art pieces.

Day 6 [childhood memory]: the other day I had sno-cones and it reminded me so much of my younger years.  These sno-cones were a little more gourmet than what I remember.  Each of those bottles are filled with flavors like watermelon/rosemary and blackberry/ginger – was so delicious!

Day 7 [something new]: I discovered an art supplies store a few blocks from my apartment and bought a canvas and a few paints.  Seeing as I’ve never painted a canvas before in my life, this is definitely very new!  TBD what my painting will turn out to be but I’m thinking (aka hoping) something like this.

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